Internet medical billing for Alberta Health

Quick Facts

  • Claim Entry & Submission
  • Auto Payment Processing
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Pre-defined Text Macros for Claim Entry
  • Extensive Use of Patient Defaults
  • Lookup Tables of Alberta Health Data
  • Referring Practitioner File Buit-in
  • Highly Encrypted Data Transfer
  • Use Any Device, Anywhere to Manage Your Claims
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netMD is a web based applications that allows you to enter and submit your claims securely over the internet from anywhere and on any internet enabled device.

netMD allows data presets and defaults to reduce the amount of data entry and make make claim entry as quick as possible.

netMD supports most modern internet enabled devices and a wide range or internet browsers making it convenient to use on any device.

Security of your data is maintained with 256 bit encryption and your data resides on our local server and not in the "cloud"