Logic Resources offers unprecedented support for it's medical billing software. The software is continually enhanced and upgraded. New features are frequently added and the Alberta Health Care production files and other system reference tables are updated and shipped when they become available.

More importantly, if you have a problem with the software you will appreciate the rapid resolution to your problem. Support for our medical billing software is available by telephone advice and consultation, download of program modules using LogicLink, and with a remote computer connection.

How Does it Work

You can call or email for same/next day resolution of your issue. Maybe it is a seldom used function you need to do and can't remember how to do it. Same thing - simply call or email.

We use remote desktop software for support and training. If you don't feel comfortable installing something just call us and we will install it for you.

Updates to Alberta Health production files, like fee files, referring practitioner files etc are available within a day or two of being released. They can be downloaded and installed from within the program. Program updates are also available for download from our website.

We keep our software up to date. Not just with the latest Alberta Health specifications; but with the latest software technologies as well. You are assured that our software will run on whatever flavour of Windows you have.