1 You need new a business arrangement number with Logic Resources as your submitter. You will need to complete and submit AHC Form 913 to Alberta Health. If you are transferring from another service, it is important to set the effective date of the business arrangement date back 3 to 4 months. This will allow you resubmit any problem claims that may have carried over from your previous service.
We also recommend that you check the "No" box regarding suppression of the statement of assessment.
It takes 3 to 4 weeks to get your BA number. Once you have your BA number we can install your software and have you submitting in just a few days. AHC 913 Form
2 Select Your Billing Preference

Desktop medical billing software     Medical Billing

This is our most popular medical billing software package in use by doctors with normal to high volumes of claims. It allows for extremely fast data entry with full data validation at the time of data entry, an appointment management system and extensive reporting.

Internet medical billing     Internet Billing

netMD allows you to bill from anywhere on just about any internet enable device. If you are using a Mac and are looking for an economical way to submit claims then netMD is a viable option for you.

Free medical billing software     Free Medical Billing

EZ-Bill is a desktop software package designed for the doctor who has a low volume of claims - up to 150 claims a month. E.g. it is ideal for optometrists, anyone with a few claims a month or physicians doing a few surgical assists a month. EZ-Bill features the same tight data entry model as MBS and ensures that you create a valid claim right from the start. EZ-Bill is based on usage and has a low $10 a month minimum charge.