medical billing

Four options for submitting claims to Alberta Health. Low volume or high monthly volume, desktop or on-line, we can help you submit your claims and get paid quickly, and at the lowest cost to you. 

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Over 30 years medical billing & claims submission experience.

Our software solutions are developed in-house - made in Canada.

When you call for support you talk with the developers.

Efficient data entry - your claims are processed quickly and you are paid promptly.

Prompt and efficient updates, service and support


I have been doing the billing for my husband, a specialist in Calgary, with this software since 1992. MBS is simple to use and intuitive, and over the years the keystrokes and mouse-clicks have been minimized to make claim entry a breeze. The support is excellent.

Louise Giannoccaro

Logic Resources has been our provider for medical billing for over 25 years. With easy to use software and great customer service, we recommend them highly.

Dr. D. and Sherry P.

Logic Resources has been essential to the practice. The billing platform is easy to work with. Support is always available!!

Dr. W and DMW