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EZ-Bill Free Medical Billing Software

EZ-Bill is a compact billing program that provides a few more features than you have if you submit your claims by fax. This software is designed for optometrists, locums and physicians performing surgical assists; or, anyone needing to submit 75 to 150 claims a month.

The main benefit to you is the fact that you can verify the patient's health care numbers, lookup and validate AHC codes at the time of data entry. You also can submit you claims right up till the Wednesday evening deadline.

The program features lookup tables for health service codes, diagnostic codes and Alberta Health's explanation codes. It has 4 distinctly different data entry screens to meet the needs of the simplest of claims to complicated claims with multiple modifiers and diagnostic codes and text.

The program works on any PC platform from Windows 2000 upward, including netbooks. For Windows 7 you will need the
Professional 32 bit or 64 bit version. EZ-Bill can also be run on a Mac with OS X using Parallels virtual PC.
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Data Entry Screens - Choose the one that best suits your needs:
Data Entry - Abbreviated form
Data Entry - Short form
Data Entry - Standard form
Data Entry -Complete form
Patient Chart
Claim Entry Defaults
Mac OS X with Parallels
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